A 4-week group coaching program to give yourself permission to BE YOU online so you can turn your gifts + unique perspective into the cash money you deserve

If you TRULY want to have the impact and income that you say you do...

Your message NEEDS to get into the world in a bigger way.

And it’s time you stopped playing small online -- Yes, even when the world's in a crisis.

The best part? It doesn't have to be as hard as you think.

You know that feeling when you’re fully in alignment/flow/play and things feel GOOD.

Imagine if you could run your business from that place. (Newsflash: you can!)

I’m Chelsey Benzel, online business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs. I've made it my mission to help you get into alignment so you can show up in your business and be led by your soul’s fuck yes.

Because when you're in alignment, connected to your higher self + your soul's guidance, you become a match for the miracles that the universe has lined up for you.

And the content, clarity, clients, (and cash!) you've been chasing come to you with ease and flow.

These are the exact principles I'll be teaching you in Permission To Be.

The same steps I've followed to create miracles consistently in my own life.

From manifesting high paying coaching clients, consulting work that popped up out of thin air, first-class upgrades on international flights, and my dream apartment in downtown Calgary where I'm writing you from now.

Who is this program for?

This is for you if you have an online business (coaching, online courses, digital products) where YOU are your brand.

Your business success depends on you being visible online. Getting out there so your audience can find you and fall in love with you.

It doesn’t serve ANYONE – especially not you – to be stuck in overwhelm, comparison, and believing that bs story that everyone else is better than you, or that your gifts are not of value to the world.

The universe needs what you’re here to share.

And it would be a TRAGEDY for all of us – especially you – if you were to keep that hidden and to deprive the world of your magic.

What does it include?

Here's a sneak peek at what we'll be covering...

Week 1 - Inner work + staying true to who you are in the world

Week 2 - Your content + how to show up online authentically

Week 3 - Your offerings + owning the value you provide in your biz

Week 4 - Money, success + your desires manifested

During these 4 weeks I’m going to help you...

  • Clear subconscious blocks and fears around showing up fully online as YOU in all your glory (Self worth, confidence, inner child + shadow work)
  • Set healthy boundaries with people that may be limiting you from showing up fully in your online space
  • Become a channel for the ideas and content that your ideal clients are desperate to hear from you
  • Supercharge your manifestation powers so you can consistently call in the clarity, clients and cash you’ve been chasing
  • Become an energetic match for all the money, success and abundance you desire to flow into your life

PLUS you’ll get to hang out with a tribe of like-minded women – AKA your soon to be biz besties – on the same path of leadership and expansion as you.

Permission To Be is NOT for you if...

  • This is NOT for you if you’re content being a cookie cutter / copy cat on the internet and taking your cues from what everybody else is doing (sure it feels “safe” to keep your voice/message muted but you're never going to make an impact that way)
  • You already have a solid 6-figure income from your online biz
  • You’re not ready to do the inner work to align with all the magic that could be yours if you were to show the fuck up in your online presence and your biz.
  • You feel like you've already tried everything and you're not open to shifting old bs beliefs (and allowing miracles to happen in your life)

Also worth mentioning...

You’ll have lifetime access to these trainings so you can come back again and again as you grow in your business.

If I launch this course again you’ll get any new material that’s added

I see you. I've been in your shoes.

In my 6+ years in the online marketing world, I've faced the fears and resistance that comes up when you put yourself out there on the internet.

Any of this sound familiar?

  • You have subtle fear of showing up and being vulnerable for the world to see, or saying the wrong thing, or worse - being found out for being a fraud who actually has no idea what they're talking about
  • Wondering how TF to actually write enough content (and be consistent with it) to move the needle in your business
  • Clamming up when it comes to selling, and worrying you're being "too salesy" if you promote your offers

I’ve fucking beeeeen theerreee… the hiding out, only showing up as the version of myself I was sure to be liked.

Do you REALLY want to continue building a persona based on only parts of yourself that are easy to like (only adding more shame and fear around people ACTUALLY finding out who you are)!?

That shit is PAINFUL.

The solution? Doing the inner work of deep self-love and acceptance, so you can own you who are, put yourself out there, and be of massive service in the world.

In other words, giving yourself PERMISSION to be YOURSELF.

I can think of no better healing modality than being an entrepreneur, having an online presence, and working through the blocks that come up along the way.

You’re here to be a MF thought leader.

(Not a carbon copy of coach barbie)

You NEED to show up fully if you want to magnetize the audience, success, and money you desire.

Feeling a YES to this?

Thought so.



This is THE program I was most excited about sharing when I re-launched my biz. And to kick things off, I’m offering this super low price. I don’t think I’ll ever sell this program for this low again.

I’m very likely going to be turning this into a digital course that I’ll repurpose and continue to add to for years to come. You'll get access to any additional content I add in the future.

Don’t go one more day hiding.

Now more than ever the world needs your light. 

There are no mistakes in the universe. You were born here, during these times, for a reason.

Your soul knows what that reason is. Because you have a gift and a message to share with the world.

The world will be an infinitely better place with all of YOU in it, shining in all your glory.

Give yourself permission to BE you. To get into alignment with your soul. Your higher purpose. Your inner wisdom.

Lose the shame. Start showing up as YOU online.

And let’s make some magic happen!



"I don’t even have words for the impact Chelsey has made in my business and life! Before I met her I was at a crossroads. I was ready to take things to the next level but realized I wasn’t thinking big enough and I was engaging in some self-sabotaging mistakes. Chelsey was able to use her expertise to not only get my mindset back on track, but to provide a clear strategic plan to get there. I’m now celebrating the most profitable 6-months EVER and I have Chelsey to thank! She is incredibly talented in her coaching and mentoring and I’m recommending her to everyone. Thanks so much Chelsey!"

- Jessica DeBry, Soulfluential Publishing

"Before working with Chelsey, I was confused and completely overwhelmed. I had an idea for an online course but I had no idea how to get it up and running. Chelsey made it super simple and broke it down for me step-by-step. I’m so glad I invested in my business by working with her, otherwise I’d still be sitting around thinking about this idea instead of actually bringing it to life. I highly recommend anyone to work with Chelsey. She’s an absolute miracle worker!”

- Sophia LePage, Love Coach

"I had serious doubts about accomplishing my goals and dreams. I was literally flailing and overcome with anxiety all the time. But O.M.G. I've never met someone so supportive and encouraging. Chelsey pointed out to me exactly where my limiting beliefs were and showed me what was keeping me stuck. She has a natural ability for coaching and showing you a new perspective that aligns with what you want to achieve. Every time I speak with Chelsey, I feel the clarity and direction I have been (desperately) seeking. What I enjoy the most about working with Chelsey is how I feel after our conversations. I have been living in a constant state of panic and receiving coaching from Chelsey is the only thing that has allowed me to see all of the possibilities in front of me. It's life-changing."

- Brandi Black, Holistic Nutritionist